• From the eXtreme to the Mainstream
    Located at the Cross Keys airport in New Jersey and only a 15 minute ride from Center city Philadelphia, Freefall Adventures offers the fastest way to be introduced to sport parachuting. Our tandem skydive program is the right choice if you are looking to "do it once", OR if you wish to pursue becoming a licensed skydiver. During a tandem skydive, you are securely fastened to your tandem instructor whose vast skydiving experience will ensure you get the most out of your freefall adventure.

First Skydive

After a training session with your instructor, you will board one of Freefall Adventures’ turbine-equipped aircraft for your fast climb to 14,000 feet (2.5 miles) above the ground and full view of the Philadelphia and Atlantic City Skylines. After receiving your final safety checks, you and your instructor will exit the aircraft and then experience at least 60 seconds of freefall before you and your instructor deploy a parachute specially designed for two people. After enjoying the beauty, serenity, and thrill of the view under a parachute, you will then work with your instructor to fly the parachute back for a landing right in front of the observation deck here at the Cross Keys airport.

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